About Us

Welcome to Rene Honeyman Jewellery

Our Vision

“South Africa has all the gold for Africa, but not enough qualified/skilled goldsmiths” – Johan Louw
(director Uwe Koetter)

I believe strongly in using South Africa’s raw materials and our own skilled labour. Therefore my product is of the utmost bespoke quality and proudly South African. The entirety of the piece from design to final product is locally sourced and produced, including the raw materials.

Our History

Rene Honeyman, owner and founder of this venture, doting mom, loving wife and driven entrepreneur, started her jewellery career as an apprentice in 1995. She immediately fell in love with the manufacturing process and the personal involvement in her clients journey in love and life.

She began a jewellery Academy in 2008, to ensure the trade in SA remained on the same level of training to what she was exposed to and qualified through. She insists we continue to use local resources, highly qualified goldsmiths raw materials.

Since the beginning of this journey, she has lived by certain values. Family, skills transference, branding, giving back and paying it forward

Her passion for teaching and sharing her techniques has ensured the “trade secrets” will not die.

Her studio

Rene runs a full -time jewellery manufacturing academy in Somerset West and teaches learners the basics of jewellery manufacture in a fully equipped workshop. After classes, the studio is then a unique space for her and her team to create and be inspired to manufacture pieces for her clients.

Everything is handmade in this studio, however, Rene embraces technology and offers a comprehensive design service using a 3d computer aided process. This allows her to create your unique piece to your specific needs and requirements and assists you in visualising the final product.

Please note that all designs can be manipulated according to the stone size, stone shape and budget. We also assist you in choosing the perfect diamond or any other precious stone of your choice.

What Our Custumers Says ?

Thanks so much for all the work and dedication you put into our wedding rings – we LOVE them!! We really appreciate your great customer service and we are Rene Honeyman Jewellery customers for life now!

Rene, I can’t thank you enough for your help with designing my fiance’s engagement ring and guiding me through the process from start to finish. I had faith in your expertise from beginning to end. My mom was so touched we could use my gran’s diamonds and I know she’d be thrilled we’ve repurposed them so beautifully. Thanks so much, Rene. All my best to you

Thank you Rene Honeyman Jewellery for the awesome service and quality diamond wedding ring, that really made my BIG DAY even more special!